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Happy new year to all you lovers and purveyors of Dark Art. During the holidays I visited my family out East, and spent some serious crafting time with my little sister, Lucy. She’s only nine, and of course I’m incredibly biased, but according to me she’s a genius. She already has a professional rock tumbler and drill press, and makes jewelry out of sea-glass and old scraps from my stained-glass class. Anyway, I was able to finish up some dolls that I’d been neglecting for ages. (Unfinished doll parts – always a little creepy.) These recent ones, which I have in my Etsy shop, are all quite small – between 4 – 6 inches, and are made from polymer clay (which is then baked), hand-painted and clothed with hand-sewn dresses made from bits of fabric and lace. Some stand, some are ornaments that can hang from a wall. Their hair is lovely soft mohair. There is a ghosty-type shrouded lady, a wild girl with a ragged hem that my husband says looks like sparrow, and two rather cute little gothic Lolita girls. I try to give each doll her own personality; my work has been influenced primarily by Dame Darcy, who I adore. Right now I’m working on a commission for an old friend, the very talented painter David Stoupakis, who is featured in this month’s Juxtapoz magazine. From now on, I hope to concentrate on larger, more sophisticated dolls made from Paperclay (an air-drying clay) as that is the kind of doll-making I enjoy most. You can see more of my work at blackeyedsuzie.etsy.com

p.s. Anybody know how to get rid of fruit-flies? My husband started a worm compost, which I fully support in theory, but the resulting fruit-flies disgust me, and if I find one more in my wine, I might need a divorce lawyer….
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Please include your shop name in the subject or we won't know who is posting. :)
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You loved me for a little,
who could not love me long;
You gave me wings of gladness,
and lent my spirit song.

You loved me for an hour,
but only with your eyes;
Your lips I could not capture,
by storm or by surprise.

Your mouth that I remember,
with rush of sudden pain;
As One remembers starlight,
or roses after rain.

Out of a world of laughter,
suddenly I am sad;
Day and night it haunts me,
the kiss I never had.
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